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Height Adjustable Standing Desks

We are an established British manufacturer and seller of premium standing desks and electric height adjustable desks. We have been providing a wide selection of products for over 10 years and in that time have proved that all height adjustable desks are not the same. We can provide Large,Small,Corner or Rectangular Standing Desks all at very competitive prices. As specialists in the arena of height adjustable desks and adjustable height standing desks, we will do our utmost to provide an adjustable desk which will meet your needs. We always put the customer first and would rather not sell you something than sell you the wrong thing. Please get in touch to discuss your height adjustable desk needs and we will be delighted to recommend an appropriate product.

Authorised Reseller of LINAK Deskline Spares and Parts.

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Every company large or small , needs to offer an Inclusive environment for service users as well as providing a comfortable, safe and productive space for employees. An innovative way of ensuring this is to invest in standing desks and height adjustable desks. Made from premium materials in a series of stunning cutting-edge designs, stand up desks and adjustable desks, height adjustable desks and desks to stand at are part of a quiet revolution in office furniture styling. Transforming the workplace through sitting and standing desks, sit stand desks and adjustable height standing desks, the adjustable desk is the healthier, inclusive future of ergonomic furniture design.

How Do Standing Desks Work?

Standing desks are available with mechanisms which allow easy use. A height adjustable desk can be fitted with an electric motor for effortless height adjustment, or a manual crank. In addition; “set and forget” standing desks or height adjustable standing desks which have a memory for favourite settings are popular choices. Some stand up desks can also be tilted for greater utility. Not only do rise and fall desks significantly enhance the wellbeing of people who use them, but height adjustable desks and sit stand desks have also been found to encourage enhanced productivity and output.

Why Use Standing Desks?

Stand desks or adjustable height standing desks suit many different places. From height adjustable corner desks which are ideal for awkward locations to sit stand desks which look great in the boardroom, everywhere can be enhanced by sitting and standing desks or rise and fall desks. Hospitals, universities and colleges increasing ensure that a height adjustable desk or bad back desks are readily available. Standing desks take up no more space than an average desk and as an adjustable desk can be altered to different heights, you can still sit at adjustable height standing desks if you wish.