Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks & Tables

Electric Powered Height Adjustable Sit-Stand or Standing Desks provide an easy, quiet, smooth and flexible solution to altering the working height of the workstation to a level that is most suitable for the operator. The height adjustment assists body posture and improves productivity by reducing body stress at work and irritation from an unsuitable operating position.
Height Adjustable Desks.com is a specialist reseller of Sit-Stand Desks and Standing Desks, manufactured both in the UK and Europe with a variety of weight loadings, frame styles and wood finishes. Sit-stand is a term used to refer to a desk which allows the user to move freely from a sitting to a standing position.

Electric Powered Height Adjustable Standing Desk and Table Frames, provide an affordable solution for those people who wish to fit their own desk or tabletop.

Most of our height adjustable products are suitable for easy access applications and those with limited abilities. We even supply the framework for Kitchen Sinks and Hobs that work with Disabled Kitchens.

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