LINAK BA001 Standing Desk Battery

£169.50 exc VAT (£203.40 inc VAT)

1 year warranty

Delivery Included. The LINAK BA001 Rechargeable Battery Unit is very compact and can additionally be supplied with a connecting cable and mounting bracket if required.

The LINAK BA001 Li-lon Detachable Battery is really useful in creating a mobile workspace where mains power is not close by.

The LINAK battery BA001 features LED light bars indicating capacity level and audio alarm when it needs to be charged.
Basically in our experience of raising and lowering the desk 3 times a working day the Battery does not need charging for 6 Weeks

Summing up the BA001 is easy to install and provides a worthwhile useage period. This takes your Linak Standing Desk to the next level.
Fully Guaranteed and Built to the Highest Worldwide Standards.

15 years of Reliability

Product Information

LINAK has developed a Rechargeable Battery Unit BA001 that works with various DESKLINE® and HOMELINE® systems including the CBD6S control boxes and is ideal for mobile applications.

Exceptional versatility from this easy to install battery backup unit BA001 therefore giving you uninterruptible power supply.

Another key point is that dependent upon your usage you may not need to charge the BA001 for 6 weeks.

BA001 can additionally be supplied with the connecting cable – (link HERE) to connect the battery to the required control box, charging of the BA001 can be completed in the application or by pairing with the SMPS006 and CAB0015804 to charge at a nearby power source.

Download the product data for all the information you need for this hightly versatile addition to your LINAK Standing Desk.

This Battery can optionally be supplied with a connection cable to your CBD6 Control Box .



Good to Know

  • Free Delivery
  • Built to the Highest Worldwide Standards
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Fixing Screws not supplied
  • Weight 600 g
  • Thermal switch protection
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Mounting Bracket Included
  • Data Sheet Included