Specialist Height Adjustable Inclusive Desks & Tables

Our Fully Inclusive Range of Height Adjustable Tables can meet the needs of a wide variety of users.

Our Ropox Ergo Table with it’s Tilting Top option, whereby either the whole table top will tilt upwards to enable the user to read a magazine or use the top as a drawing table, or you can have the table with a partial tilting top.

Our OSG Range of Vertically Tilting Top Tables either as a round Mobile Height Adjustable Table or Rectangular Mobile Height Adjustable Table, this Vertically Tilting Top enables the product to neatly stack together, thereby saving storage space.

We have a 4 Leg Height Adjustable Table 4 Single Range, which can be used in a variety of environments, either as Winding (Crank) Handle or Electrically Powered with an option of having 250 KG lifting capability on the Electrical Powered Option.

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