LINAK Control Box CBD6SP00020A-009 & CBD6SC00030A-709

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LINAK®  Control Box CBD6 SP00020A-009 and

LINAK®  Control Box CBD6 SC00030A-709

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LINAK® Control BoxCBD6SP00020A-009
LINAK® Control BoxCBD6SP00020A-009
LINAK® Control BoxCBD6SC00030A-709
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The LINAK DESKLINE® control box family CBD6 S is an ideal choice for a wide range of desk applications.

The CBD6 S is perfect if you need a small and compact control box that requires a minimum of space when mounted.

The CBD6 S lifts the line of intelligent DESKLINE control boxes to a new level. While retaining the advantages from earlier generations, it adds so much more. It is the most compact and lightweight control box in the DESKLINE series. It is the same width as the DESKLINE columns with motor housings, to ensure that it fits into a desktop frame. It is only 38 mm tall.

From a design perspective, the control box is more intuitive. It has plugs for connection of the legs in each end of the box and is equipped with cable grooves at the bottom, making it easy to lead and hide motor cables from one side of the desk to the other.

Furthermore, the plugs are white so they are easily recognised under the desk. The CBD6 S is available in two main versions, a 2-channel version (200W) and a 2, 3 or 4-channel version with more power (300W). The CBD6S 300W is a universal control box, which means that it is universal - just add the required mains cable.

The control box CBD6 S is fully compatible with the entire DESKLINE product programme of DL columns (including High-speed), built-in actuators (DB) and desk panels as standard. The control box ensures smooth drive of the desk and soft start and stop of the connected columns. Further features are autodetection of the type and number of DL/DB, making the CBD6S very intuitive to use in a desk design. From an environmental point of view, the CBD6S is a good choice as the CBD6S has extremely low power consumption in standby mode, only 0.1 W and the CBD6S control box is PVC Free™, which is state-of-the-art.

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LINAK® Control Box CBD6SC00030A-709 £183.20

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