Yes - Height Adjustable Tables are Inclusive !

Yes - Height Adjustable Tables are Inclusive !

15th April 2016

Wheelchair & Special Needs Desks

If you’re a wheelchair user, or are in an inclusive environment which needs to be able to cater for a diverse user group, then wheelchair desks and special needs desks are an essential investment. Not only can the height be easily adjusted on wheelchair access desks, but tilt desks also enable the surface to be slanted to enhance ease of use. For those with limited movement, postural issues or muscle weakness, disabled height adjustable desks provide a surface which can be customised to individual requirements. The easily utilised electrical operating system which is common to specialist height adjustable desks mean that people with limited dexterity are often able to independently use specialist standing desks.

Height Adjustable Tables & Tilt Desks

Although adjustable tables are commonly associated with the workplace, height adjustable tables and wheelchair desks are suitable for a wide range of other activities. Many people find tilt desks ideal for home use, providing a stable surface for eating, craft activities or leisure time on the laptop. Height adjustable table frames can be used by the whole family and can perform multiple functions. Where space is limited, disabled height adjustable tables can often take the place of several single use furniture pieces.

Highly Functional Wheelchair Access Desks

Specialist height adjustable tables are designed to be both highly functional and attractive. With an exciting selection of surface shapes and colours, special needs desks are enviably styled to provide an appealing addition to any interior design scheme. Tilt tables and rise and fall tables can be used as engaging occasional tables, dining tables or as a work table. Many special needs tables and wheelchair access desks are fitted with castors, meaning that disabled height adjustable desks can be easily moved to wherever they’re needed. Some specialist standing tables have a back panel, whilst other electric standing tables benefit from an open, contemporary design.

Inclusivity feels good, which is why so many people are opting for tilt desks and disabled height adjustable desks when considering new furniture for their working or domestic environment. Not only do wheelchair desks and special needs desks provide a comfortable, productive environment for all, but being able to include everybody equally in activities is enormously valuable. Specialist standing desks and disabled height adjustable desks not only increase concentration and comfort, height adjustable table frames have also been found to minimise the risk of chronic illness. With so many benefits, it’s little wonder the demand for tilt tables is growing so fast.

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