Do all Standing Desks have to be Electric. No !!

Do all Standing Desks have to be Electric. No !!

15th April 2016

Theres more out there. Winding Handle and Gas Action Systems.

Manual Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Manual standing desks are an ideal introduction to the benefits which standing whilst at work can bring. Foolproof to operate and incredibly durable, manual height adjustable desks are versatile options that are very reasonably priced. If you’re not keen on electronic gadgets, then the dependability of a manual adjustable desk could be just what you’re looking for. Once in position, the manual stand up desk will remain securely fastened at your desired level until you want to alter it. Particularly if you tend not to change your manual stand desk height very often, the non-electronic choice can work extremely well.

Benefits of a Manual Standing Desk

The benefits of a manual sit to stand desk have been proven through extensive research. From helping workers to develop better posture to reducing the risk of various chronic diseases, standing at a manual rising desk whilst undertaking activities traditionally undertaken in a seated position is now officially good for you. Manual height adjustable desks enable you to still use a laptop, write, read or undertake any other usual office activity whilst remaining in a standing position. Manual standing desks can be adjusted to your exact requirements, enabling you to adopt a comfortable upright posture whilst still completing everything on your task list.

If you’re new to manual height adjustable desks, the initial concept of standing whilst working can be disturbing. Luckily manual standing desks can be easily adjusted to allow you to sit down if you get tired after an hour or two. Gradually you can remain at your manual stand desk for longer periods as your body gets used to the altered position for working. Don’t forget that meetings, briefings or other interaction can all be successfully undertaken using a manual sit to stand desk. Not only will several manual standing desks enable everyone to stand together, but studies have shown that work undertaken whilst standing is more productive than seated activity.

Ideal for Office or Home Use!

There’s no need to confine a manual rising desk to the workplace. The ease of adjustment means that manual standing desks are ideal for surfing the net in the evenings, watching a film or social networking. Robustly constructed from high-calibre materials, manual standing desks are built to last for years. Designed in a range of stylish shapes which make them an asset to any interior design, manual height adjustable desks give an exciting contemporary twist to your office interior, whilst also helping to improve your health.

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