Conset 501-17 GSH 3000

Conset 501-17 GSH 3000

4th May 2009

Height Adjustable is pleased to announce that we now have on display at our showroom the popular Conset 501-17 Height Adjustable Desk with in built castors on front for easy manoeuvrability around the office and the GSH 3000 Electric Height Adjustable Table.

The GSH 3000 on display incorporates the superbly engineered Linak DL6 actuator system, giving a lifting capacity of 80 kgs per leg.

Digital Memory is an  additional purchase item and provides the ability to totally control up to 4 workstations in one easy operation.

The Safe Stop System is an added safety feature to prevent accidental lowering of the worksurface to a critical position.

The configuration programming provides easy  reconfiguration of your height adjustable desk to your exact requirements.

Remote Control is now available for all GSH 3000 Products as an optional extra.

 For more information or to view these products just call one of our product advisors.

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